Thursday, May 28, 2009

Run Away Dog...

It's no secret to anyone who knows my dog Daisy that she hates to go to the vet. Today was no different. I had to take both her and Gabby in for their yearly shots. The vets office is right off of I-30 in Garland. I had Gabby's cage in one hand and Daisy's leash in the other. As soon as we walked unto the curb Daisy started to pull with all of her might. All of the sudden her collar pulled over her head and she dashed across the parking lot. I asked some nice people to watch Gabby and was fortunate enough to catch her. I tightened her collar another notch and went back toward the vet. Before I knew it the collar had slipped over her head again, and she was on the run. I caught her the second time, and tightened the collar again. Again Daisy began to pull and tug and the collar went over her ears for a third time. This time I was in a panic! She was headed straight for the I-30 service road! A nice young girl took off after her with me. Sure enough Daisy was running up the service road. I was starting to cry when people began to stop their cars to chase my dog. When Daisy saw a man running towards her she took off in the opposite direction and ran straight for my arms. This time the vet tech handed me a choke collar for Daisy's neck. Thank you to all of my good Samaritans. I didn't even catch their names. They saved a priceless treasure of my heart.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nap Time and a Surprise...

Yesterday I was subbing for my student teaching class. Since I know those students so well, I don't feel like I have to constantly watch their every move. The class knows that if they act up, I will tell their teacher. On Tuesdays they have P.E. at 8:45. I lined the class up and walked them down to drop them off. I got settled with my book, when I heard a noise. It was a rustling sound, and then there was a yawn and a stretch. To my surprise I had left one of the students behind and she had been asleep. I never even noticed her absence. It was really quite funny to see the look of surprise on her face when she realized that the rest of the class was gone. I laughed a little, and then sent her off to join the class.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Arms as red as a tomato...

Yesterday I subbed for a school, and it was the kid's play day. Unfortunately, I was not prepared for this, and I got sunburned on my arms. They are red as tomatoes, but they are not hurting as bad as they were yesterday. The day was a lot of fun, but all of the teachers were very tired at the end of the day. Word to the wise...keep sunscreen on hand.

A sigh of relief...

Recently, my doctor wanted me to have some tests done, just as a precautionary measure. Unfortunately, even though routine they have caused me quite a bit of anxiety. Today, I got the all clear phone call from the doctor, and it was wonderful. I am so thankful to God that he has blessed me with a healthy body, when so many people are very ill. I also want to thank all of my family and friends for their love and support. I couldn't have gone through this without you. Today I breathed one of the hugest sighs of relief in my life!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Pet's Idea of Cleaning...

When I was cleaning for last weekend's parties, I had a little help from the pets. Daisy guarded the rugs while I was vacuuming, and Gabby kept an eye on the basket of clean bathroom laundry. What would I do without these girls to help me out?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hollywood Baby...

I snapped this pic when Karson was just sitting on my floor going through his mamma's purse. Amy tells me that he loves to try on hats, glasses, and masks. It was so cute how he held up the phone, and just smiled. He really looks like a Hollywood Baby.

Christy and Marks Wedding Shower...

Here is a shot of the happy couple. They are excited because
the wedding is next week. We are so happy for them!
The wedding shower was so much fun. We got to meet some of Mark's family, and they were some really fun people. We also had some yummy chicken salad that Amy made for all of us.
This was the cake. It was so good, and the colors matched the decorations perfectly.

Amy did most of the decorating for this party.
She did a great job!

Here is a shot of all the wonderful presents that Christy and Mark Received.

This was when we played, How well do you know the bride and groom? It was really fun.

This was when Christy and Mark were opening their presents. That was really funny. In the background some of Mark's family are pictured.

Even though we were really tired after two parties in one weekend, I was so glad that we could throw them for Christy and Mark.

Christy's Bachelorette Party...

My sister-in-law Amy and I worked really hard on the decorations for this party. We had so much fun shopping for things and putting everything up. We were really proud of ourselves.

These little flip flop strings are hard to work with.
They are really cute, but I don't recommend them.

This was our food table. I had never thought of utilizing this space
in my kitchen for a food table until Amy suggested it. Thank you Amy for the tip.

Christy was so surprised to see all of the work that we did.

We played a board game, and found out a lot of funny
things about each other. It was loads of laughs.

Here is a shot of Christy opening her gifts.

After gifts we rolled out the sleeping bags for chick flicks.
The party was so much fun. We laughed till we cried, and ate loads of junk food.

Catching up on blogging...

Well, life has been busy, and it's been really hard to blog. So I'm going to post several messages to catch everyone up. Enjoy.