Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kaden's 5th Birthday...

As you can see, we had a great time celebrating Kaden's 5th birthday at Chuck E Cheese. I can't believe Kaden is 5! It seems like yesterday we were traveling to see him at the hospital. Some of Kaden's Cousins from both sides of the family were there and they had a great time eating pizza, playing games, and dancing with Chuck E.

Caleb and Camryn enjoy pizza with the birthday boy.

Chuck E Came out to give Kaden a birthday hug.

Let's do the birthday dance!

Most of the kiddos danced with Chuck E.

Caleb and Karson boogy for the blue screen!

MMMM Cake!

That's good stuff!

Hello, is Chuck E there?

Tim holds up the bat cave for Kaden.


Wonder what's in this one?

The party was loads of fun! Thomas was out there playing the games with the kids, and gave his tickets to the birthday boy. He may have had more fun than the kids! Thankyou to Amy and Tim for the invite.

Doggy Wants Her Bone...

Last week when Amy and Tim were moving the kiddos stayed with me. Karson found out that Daisy loves raw hide bones. He would give it to her and she would chew on it. Then he would take it away and giggle. The things little ones do! It was so cute!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Certificate is in the Mail!!!

I can hardly believe it! A long journey is finally finished. I just received an e-mail from the State Board of Educator Certification to tell me that my certificate is in the mail! I am so happy. Thank you to everyone that has supported and prayed for me! Now it is on to finishing the Master's Degree and getting a permanent job! Bigger and better things are on the way! Praise the Lord!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dinner with Friends...

Tonight Christi and I met an old friend from school, Brandon for dinner. It was so fun to hang out and catch up. We told so many old stories and laughed until we cried.

This picture reminds me of how much I missed Brandon's comedy!
I am so glad that we got together, and we are planning on doing it again.

Kevin's 6th Birthday Party...

Kevin's birthday party was at Brandy Station Park. It was hot, but we had a nice breeze blowing under the pavilion.

The Cake.

Wooh Who Legos!

Some clothes to.

Blowing out the candles.

Jungle Gym time!

Pinatas away!

My turn! My turn!

Isn't Caleb cute?

It was nice to have the family all together to celebrate Kevin! Happy Birthday Kev!

Ashlynn's 1st Birthday Party...

Today was Ashlynn's first birthday party. I can't believe that she is already a year old. I just love how giggly she gets and how she studies new faces. I iced the cake for Christi so she could finish up some cooking. It cracked because I have no experience icing round cakes. I don't think the birthday girl minded though! Ha Ha!

Blowing out the candle.

I just love this picture! Isn't she cute all covered in cake?

MMM! That's good stuff!


Present time!

Her Pooh Bear card.

Oh wow what fun!

I had such a good time hanging out with them and wishing this little girl a happy birthday!

A Busy Day...

Today I was extremely busy. At 12:00 I headed to my best friend's little girl's first birthday party. Then at 3:00 I headed to Kevin's 6th birthday party. Finally at 6:00 I had dinner with my friend Christi and another friend from High School Brandon. It was a whirlwind, but so fun. I hope you enjoy the blogs that follow.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Thomas...

Twenty-seven years ago, Thomas was born. He arrived three months prematurely, and they weren't sure that he would make it. He had to have a major surgery to close a hole in his heart. My strong and feisty husband made it through. Every time I think about the struggles that he experienced as a baby just to continue living I am amazed at the miracle that he is. God has blessed me with a fun loving, hard working, mischievous man that loves with all of his heart. He has made my world a better place. Thanks be to the Lord for helping him to survive a healthy 27 years. I love you Thomas! Happy Birthday!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Israel's Visit....

We had a great visit with Israel last week. We had lot's of fun, and it was sad to say goodbye yesterday. We had a full schedule doing lots of activities.

Here's the List:

Friday Night 7/31- Israel came into town.

Saturday 8/1- We went to the Ranger's Game.

Sunday 8/2- We saw two dollar movies.

Monday 8/3- The guys worked on Israel's car.

Tuesday 8/4- We went to the Museum of Nature and Science.

Wednesday 8/5- The guys golfed and then we celebrated Nathan's birthday.

Thursday 8/6- A day of rest.

Friday 8/7- We went to the Studio Movie Grill to see GI Joe.

Saturday 8/8- We went to the Palace of Wax and Ripley's Believe it or not.

Sunday 8/9- Israel left town.

Unfortunately I kept forgeting my camera so I didn't have pictures of everything. It was a busy and fun visit. Looking forward to next year.

Don't quit your day job to sing Happy Birthday...

I just thought that this video of Nathan's Happy Birthday song was so funny!

Let's just say we won't quit our day jobs.

Nathan's 18th Birthday...

Even though Nathan's birthday was 5 days ago now, I figured I needed to share the pics from his birthday. I can't believe he's 18!

Nathan and Thomas

Man talk!

More Man Talk!

Nathan's cake. It was vanilla with cherry frosting. Debbie made it at Nathan's request. It was good!

My husband, as usual being the life of the party!

Mmmm..... Cake!

Present time! He raked in some cash!

Israel told Thomas that if he didn't behave this would be the result. As you can see he didn't.

Jordan and Nathan had a balloon fight, and then Israel drew pictures of Nathan, Jordan, and Dad on the balloons. It was hilarious.

It was a fun party! Happy 18th Nathan!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ranger Game...

Last night we went to the Ranger's game. When we got there they were inducting two former Rangers into the Texas Ranger's Hall of Fame. It was interesting.

As you can see from the clouds in this picture, we were a little worried that the game would be rained out. However, it turned sunny and we had a nice cool breeze all evening.

Here's a shot of Thomas and Israel at the game. Of course, Thomas had to make silly faces for the camera!

The Rangers were in the field first. Unfortunately they gave away 4 runs in the first inning.

The Rangers first bat.

In the field again.

The Ranger's did hit one home run last night. I just missed the fireworks.

One of the most interesting parts of the game was when a fan ran unto the field and was hauled away by security officers. I guess he had one to many!
There was also a little boy behind us that kept yelling at the players, "You're killing me smalls!" and "Come on Salty." Then at the end of the game he was like, "Come on people let's get loud!" He cracked me up! Even though the Ranger's lost it was still lots of fun.