Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Saying Goodbye to my Grandpa...

Grandma Katherine and Paw Paw swinging my daddy.

Last week I got a call from my Aunt Debbie that my Paw Paw wasn't doing well. I cried all through the phone call as she explained that his kidneys were failing and we would soon lose him. She asked that the next day all of the grandchildren and step grandchildren come together to make the funeral arrangements. It was a hard day. Little did I know that when I went to see my grandpa that day that it would be the last time I saw him alive. He passed away peacefully that evening.
Although the service was hard, it was a celebration of his life, and the fact that he made peace with God before he died. I am comforted to know that he is with Jesus, and my father and grandmother in heaven. He will be greatly missed.

George Aaron Phinnell
July 9th 1928- March 10th 2010

Paw Paw with my dad and aunt.

My Mem Maw Martha and Paw Paw 1975

Paw Paw, Mom, Dad, and Mem Maw
My parent's wedding 1975.

Paw Paw, Mem Maw, and Me
Matt and Erica's wedding 1998.

Long Time No See...

Well I haven't been on here in way to long!! This is my first post in 2010. Things have stayed busy as usual. I have been subbing and going to school for my masters degree. My pregnancy is going well and we find out the baby's gender next month.