Saturday, October 31, 2009


Halloween was lot's of fun this year. This was the first year that Kaden and Karson got to come over all dressed up. Kaden was his favorite Ninja Turtle.

Karson was dressed as Woody.

I made goody bags for all of the kids and Karson was checking his out.

Now he is wondering what brother has.

Andrew was also here this year, and Evelyn dressed him up like the cutest little clown.

Amy let the boys have a little candy.

Karson really loves masks, so he tried Kaden's on.

We all went over to Nanny's to celebrate Daniel's birthday, and all of the kids had surprises from Nanny.

Everybody hanging out.

Karson and Paw Paw.

Christopher was a ninja, and Karson wanted his cousin to hold him.

Kevin went as a motorcycle racer.

Caleb was Megatron.

Kevin, Kaden, and Caleb playing on the deck.
It was a fun holiday. Can't wait to do it next year!!!

Copper Comes to Visit....

Last weekend I found a beagle wondering around our street. He was very sweet and let me pet him. He didn't have a collar on, but I knew that he was someones dog because of how friendly he was. I also knew that we had people in the neighborhood that also owned beagles. I put him in the backyard so that he would be safe until someone came to claim him.

At first, Daisy was really apprehensive and would not let him near her. She barked at him even though he wanted to play.

Then she just kind of watched while he sniffed the yard and ran around.

After a little time the two were fast friends. Copper's owner came to claim him about an hour later. That's when we found out his name was Copper. His owners adopted him from a shelter and named him after the Fox and the Hound movie. Kind of ironic considering I had a beagle named Copper that we adopted and named after the same movie.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Amazing Daisy Dog...

Daisy has added a new trick to her list of accomplishments! Thomas has now taught her to roll over! Enjoy this video of my smart little beagle!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

Sorry I haven't blogged in just forever! Life has been crazy busy. I have been subbing everyday, which has been a huge blessing. Teachers keep asking me to come back, which makes a person feel good. I subbed for the Librarian today, and that is not an easy job! I am sore from bending and kneeling to put books away! Kuddos to all the Librarians!