Monday, October 27, 2008

Wild Dog Chase...

Today I had the day off for a teacher work day. The morning started out like most. I let the dog out to use the restroom, and curled up on the couch to watch a morning show. When I heard Daisy barking like crazy I went outside to call her in. I realized from the sound of the barking that she had to be in the front yard. I ran around the side of the house, and the gate was wide open! I grabbed some shoes and went after the dog. It turns out that she was barking at one of my neighbors, who was trying to catch her for me.
My neighbor told me that she had been running all over the street, and he was concerned for her safety. Once he saw that I was after her he went on his way. This is when the chase began. I was running all over the neighborhood after my dog. This presented several problems: I was chasing her in my pajamas, It was freezing outside, and I had Christy's boys asleep in the house.
I thought to myself, I have to catch this dog, but what about the boys? I knew if they woke up and I wasn't there they would be scared. Daisy happened to run right down their grandmother's street. I frantically knocked on her door, and asked her to go to my house and check on the boys. She told me she would and I ran after Daisy again. I finally caught her in their backyard. I was tired, mad, and out of breath. I returned to the house, and the boys were okay. Thanks Kathy for coming to my rescue. That was one wild dog chase I won't soon forget!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ben Wheeler Hawg fest...

Yesterday we went to Ben Wheeler Texas for the Hog festival. ( Yes they did spell Hog HAWG). It was a really fun event. They actually decorated this bus like a pig. The event included a hog cook off in which our Uncle Tony won 3rd place out of eighteen competitors. Congrats Uncle Tony! Uncle Tony and Aunt Donna did a lot of work to put this festival together. Here is some of the fun that the day included.

There was a train that all of the kids could ride.
They loved this!

One of the major highlights was a pig chasing contest.

My nephew Kaden had fun with all of his cousins.

While Karson took it all in from the stroller.
It was a fun day that we all enjoyed. Ben Wheeler plans to make this an annual event for their town.