Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Nice Surprise...

I am proud to announce that my best friend Christi and her husband Robert are expecting their second child on May 11, 2010! Yes little Ashlynne is going to be a big sister! It was an unexpected surprise, Ashlynne just turned a year old August 12th. Above is a picture of Christi and Robert on their wedding day.

I had the special privilege to be there to see Ashlynne born,
and have been invited to attend the new little one's depute.

Ashlynne visiting Aunt Kathy's house.

First birthday memories!

I found out the happy news in a text message! For those of you who are anxiously waiting to hear when a new little Elam is on the way, I promise I won't text you the news! Lol! I am excited to be an Aunty again!