Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ryan's Nursery...

I think that Ryan's room is basically ready for him to start sleeping in. I am just waiting for him to sleep through the night before moving him from our room to his crib.

Aunt Amy painted Ryan's name so that I could
hang it on the wall. I just need to attach picture
hangers to the letters to that they will hang on the wall.

We kept the bed in the nursery so that it can double as a guest room.

Nanny gave Ryan the beautiful dresser.

I think with some shelves on the wall for keepsakes, and a cubby shelf for toys Ryan's room should really be great!

I have two babies...

Anytime that I sit with Ryan in the rocking chair, Gabby thinks that her lap belongs to me. She just hopped up there and made herself comfy. It didn't even phase Ryan, he snoozed right on!

Hospital Pics of Ryan...

I thought that everyone might want to see the hospital photos that were taken of Ryan.

They came out great, and my father-in-law was nice enough to buy the cd so we could print as many as we would like. Today, I finally ordered his birth announcements!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Elam's are getting their first great granddaughter...

Niki and Bryan found out today that they are expecting a girl!! She is due in January and will be delivered by c-section on the 30th of that month. We are all very excited that the family will finally be getting a girl baby to spoil and love. Ryan was the seventh boy born in a row. Niki and Bryan will make wonderful parents, we are so happy for them.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bath Time...

About a week after Ryan was born, his umbilical cord stump fell off, which meant it was time for a real bath! Being a new mom, and wanting to do everything right I watched an internet video about how to bathe a newborn. Now I've done it so many times I'm a prow, ha ha!

Ryan cried during his bath, so gabby had to make sure that he was ok.

He loved me washing his hair though, I guess it was relaxing.

Ryan all clean!

I just love the little smile on his face when we were all done!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Ryan Thomas Elam.....

On August 12, 2010 God blessed us with our first child Ryan. It is hard to believe that he is no longer in my belly, but here with us!

The labor was very long, lasting a total of 35 hours! The above picture is me after about 14 hours of contrations and a trip to the hospital triage where they observed me and sent me home. We walked around Walmart, and then spent a few hours with the family supporting me at Nanny's. Around 2 a.m. the family convinced me to go back to the hospital. I fell apart when the nurse told me I was still a one! My body had been effacing but not dilating.

I was observed at the hospital, and finally admitted after 24 hours of contractions! Thank goodness for the epidural because I was exhausted. My wonderful husband sat with me along with sister-in-law Amy, cousins Christy and Mark, best friend Christi and other family members.

I was so tired!

At 4:14 pm they placed my boy in my arms. It was an emotional moment, everyone cried.

He weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces and was 20 inches long.

After two days at Baylor of Dallas we were home.
This is his first picture in his bassinet.
Little Ryan is four weeks old now, and much loved by his family.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We Are Having A Boy!!

We found out Easter weekend that we are expecting a boy! Little Ryan Thomas will be the seventh male addition to the Elam clan. Someone pointed out to me that our last name is male spelled backwards. Maybe that's why there has yet to be a girl born into the great grandchildren!! Ha Ha!! I'm excited to be a mommy, and I know it will be great.